Shooters of Today Q1 2018

Q1 2018 edition Written by Carrie Paulsen

Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of the State Newsletter for 2018.

We have a brand new State Executive & Committee. Vern Godfrey (Harvey) is our fearless leader this year, taking up the role of President with the help of Ian Callan (Wannamal) as his Vice President. Tom Papadopoulos (Pegasus) is the 3rd delegate to make up the Executive (The Executive is responsible for the day to day running of State). Mike Hudspith (Wanneroo) is the State Target Director for another year and Sue Green (Wannamal) continues to enjoy the punishment as State Secretary and also stays on for another year. We also have a few new Delegates around the table for 2018 and a lot of fresh ideas to continue to grow this sport that we all love so much.

Thank you to Colin George, who has endured the top position as State President for the last 4 years and Brian Backhouse as Treasurer for the last 2 years. The time and effort you both have given to the sport is greatly appreciated and we are all looking forward to seeing you both around the traps for a shot very soon.

If members have any ideas, or concerns about the sport, that they would like to address at a State meeting, it is imperative that you go through the correct channels. Discuss this issue with your State Delegates and it will be put on the agenda for the next State meeting. Don’t forget that all state meetings are open for all to attend. Visitors cannot comment on the table discussions, but your voice can be heard through your Club Delegate.

Please remember that ALL positions on the Committee are volunteer positions. Committee members give up their own time to assist with the running of this sport. We all have a clear vision to move the sport forward direction.

There are a lot of exciting new events happening in 2018 – with the introduction of twilight shoots & BBQ’s at Perth Metro (Wanneroo) and Echidna Park. These are already proving a big hit amongst the members looking for a bit of fun on a Friday & Saturday nights.

I also had a quick interview with our State Compak Champion – Doug Coleman, read on for all his secrets in his shooting success!☺