Shooters of Today Q3 2018

Quarter 3 edition Written by Carrie Paulsen

Dear Shooters,

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the State Newsletter for 2018. We are coming up to the important 2- Day State Championships THIS WEEKEND at Wanneroo. Who will be crowned our 2018 Champion? (my bet is on Boodgey), Top 10 and State Team? Wanneroo will be putting on a great weekend with camping available at the grounds for those travelling down. Read on for the advertisement.

The State Committee, will unfortunately be on the hunt for a new State Secretary in 2019. After years of dedication and hard work, Sue Green has decided not to volunteer for this position in 2019. If you are interested in nominating for this position or would like any further information, please contact Sue Green or Vern Godfrey for further details. [email protected]

Also included in this edition are some WORLD FAMOUS dad jokes (courtesy of Clayton Dennis and family) AND some coaching tips from Don Currie, pinched from the ‘Target Talk’ newsletter. Read on for giggles and shooting advice – Sign up to Don Currie’s newsletter for more great shooting advice!

In other news – The Wannamal relocation is in full swing, with two shoots already held at the ground with a lot of local interest, they are on track to getting the club ready to rock and roll for the 2019 season. Read on for an update on the Wannamal ground. Further details on their “official opening shoot’ will be released in 2019. ☺

We have a couple of amazing recipes in this edition thanks to Stacey Bell and the CWA of WA Cookery Book & Household Hints (Available to purchase from the CWA of WA). In this edition, we will be honoring the beloved Three Springs dim sim with a different dim sim recipe and also a braised rabbit recipe. Delish!

If you have any feedback on the newsletter or more importantly have a dad joke of your own (or want to provide feedback on the dad jokes in the newsletter), you can get in touch with me [email protected] or 0407 478 296.

Thanks. ☺
Happy Shooting folks!