Shooters of Today Q2 2018

Quarter 2 edition Written by Carrie Paulsen

Dear Shooters,

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the State Newsletter for 2018. Being half way through the shooting season, there is a lot to recap on already. At a state level, our President Vern Godfrey & Secretary Sue Green have been very busy preparing documentation for the Department of Sport & Recreation for the successful grant of $10,000 that is now in the State’s bank account… PARTY TIME! Just kidding! ☺ this money is used towards coaching clinics and further development of the sport.

We are already two qualifiers down and Harvey was the first cab off the rank hosting our first state qualifier for 2018 in March. The State and Harvey Sporting Clays welcomed 69 shooters and the reviews were all very positive on the running of the shoot and target presentation.

The scores were high and saw our National President, Tony Trainor winning high gun with a total score of 95 / 100. Closely followed by Aidan Cooper on 94. The weather was freakishly perfect that day, with zero wind and beautiful conditions and as a result of this we saw a lot of high scores. Mother nature was too kind to us that day. ☺

Pegasus held the 2nd State Qualifier mid-May with a total of 62 shooters in attendance. Pegasus were showcasing some brand spanking new grounds that I absolutely loved shooting at. Pegasus and WAFGA challenged the shooters ability with some new and varied targets including a pesky uphill & downhill rabbit sim pair and challenged their fitness levels by making shooters walk half a mile to get to there! Thank god the boys had placed signs of encouragement around the ground.

Boodgie (Rhys Howard) took out high gun with a score of 89/100 with Michael McDonald trailing closely behind with a score of 87 / 100. Lancelin put on a beautiful sunny day, with light winds. A great day was had by all with a lot of great feedback about the freshly cut grounds. I am very excited to see what Pegasus has in store for us all at their next shoot.

Read on for interviews with our 1st and 2nd State Qualifier winners – Tony Trainor and Rhys Howard, Hunting & Habitat news including club updates from Harvey, Wanneroo, Pegasus & Wannamal. I have also pulled a few recipes out of the archives – Goat Chilli and Pot Roast of Boar by ‘Tapeworm’ from a December 1995 edition. If anybody has a delicious recipe they would like shared to the WAFGA readers, please send it to me to include in our next edition.

Once again, I welcome any feedback about the newsletter – if there is something in particular members would like to read about, please shoot me an email at [email protected] or have a chat and a beer with me at the next State Qualifier in Geraldton on the June long weekend.

Happy Shooting folks!